District 6 League - Game Rescheduling

Follow these steps to reschedule a game:

  1. The coach/manager who wants the reschedule must contact the opposing team first. Contact emails and phone numbers are available under the Team Contact Info on your GotSoccer schedule.
  2. If the opposing coach/manager agrees to the reschedule, then they must send emails or an email trail showing that both coaches/managers agree to the home team scheduler. An email thread with evidence of concurrence by both teams is required. Your email MUST include:
    1. Division (e.g., Girls U14 Umbro)
    2. Game #
    3. Home and away team names as listed on the schedule
    4. Original game date and time
    5. Details of the change (new game date, changes in home and away venues, etc.).
    6. If you are changing venue, notify both the original host scheduler and the new host scheduler.
      NOTE: You may want to copy the hosting scheduler at this point as an FYI. This gives a heads-up and may allow for early feedback on field availability.
  3. The scheduler will assess if they can accommodate the reschedule. Not every request can be accommodated. The hosting scheduler will email both teams back with the acceptance/denial District 6 Select League Instructions of the request. The coach/manager of both teams will need to respond to the scheduler's email acknowledging receipt of the information.
  4. The scheduler will change the district online schedule and notify the referees accordingly. Email your scheduler if you cannot find information on the opposing team or you don't know who to contact about venue changes.

Note - There is usually very little leeway in game times so a reschedule request is NOT an opportunity to personalize game time based on preference. The schedulers will work with you to accommodate a change but because of limited number of field or over-committed referees, cherry picking game time is not an option.

Unless local rules have tighter restrictictions, reschedule requests can be submitted on or before the Wednesday before the original scheduled game or before the new requested date, which ever is soonest. This is NOT the initial request to your opponent, it is the agreement from both teams to reschedule the game and is the final notification to the host scheduler. Some schedulers are paid staff so to ensure they see your request, you need to have the request submitted before noon on Wednesday. Please do not wait until Wednesday at 6 PM to submit your request,

Remember that reschedules are not guarenteed and some associations may have tighter deadlines for reschedules. If we can not reschedule the game, the game must be played as scheduled. .