District 6 League - Disciplinary Policy

Disciplinary changes adopted by WSYSA and District 6 mean that misconducts are no longer automatically considered at a hearing attended by players and coaches. All misconducts will be reviewed administratively for appropriate administration of the laws of the game, and you will be notified if misconduct is overturned administratively.

The implications of these rules are:

1) If you receive a red card/dismissal you will sitout the next match unless notified otherwise by District 6 Administration. You may not hear from the disciplinary committee about your misconduct, but you are still required to
sitout the next match. These means if you receive a send-off on the first of two games over a week end you must sitout the next match even if it is the same day or weekend. Failure to sitout the next match may result in sanctions including suspension from WSYSA. You may be required to sitout more than one match depending on the offense (see rule 605, below).

2) It is your responsibility to document that you sat out a match, even if you have not yet received a form from disciplinary. Have the referee sign a sheet or the roster indicated the sitout occurred, keep a copy and send a copy to:

District 6 Soccer
P.O. Box 1466
Veradale, WA 99037

3) To contest sitouts of additional matches or suspension the player, coach or team official may request an administrative hearing or file an appeal. Neither the request for an administrative hearing nor the filing of an appeal
will stay any disciplinary actions. Request for Administrative Hearings and Appeals must be based on a misapplication of the rules of WSYSA or the Laws of the Game. Game official's calls are judgmental in nature and may not be grounds
for the requesting of an administrative hearing or the filing of an appeal. The form required for an administrative hearing is below. Forms required for appeals are available in the WSYSA Administrative Handbook, Rule 603.

Request for Hearing Form

Rule 605